Must Have Bridal Portraits On Your Wedding Day

A wedding day is ever so magical, and it's important to capture timeless images on your wedding day, after all, these are the only images that you'll have to remember your special day for the rest of your lives.

1. Centre of the frame, walking towards the camera

Hold your beautiful wedding gown and walk towards the camera with that big cheesy just got married smile. Play around with the position of the bouquet, hold it in the air and also in front of you. Bridal portraits are also BEAUTIFUL during golden hour.

2. Far away shot

Have your photographer capture a few images of you walking away from the camera and posing, looking into the distance and also at the camera. The far away shot is a must.

3. The detailed shot

Having photos of all of the details including your hair, dress and bouquet. These details are thoughtfully picked out by you and it's important to showcase them for you to remember.

4. Looking over your shoulder

Look over your shoulder, smile and hold up your wedding dress. Also, try out a few different locations if possible - this way you can add more variety into your bridal session.

5. Motion blur

Who else loves a good motion blur shot? These images are so fun and candid and look fantastic in black and white.

I hope these photographs are a great inspiration for you at your bridal shoot or on your wedding day ❤️

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